Following Your Creative Path

Some of us were lucky. We were in the right place, at the right time. We were able to pursue our creative passions through our work. Others found suitable work to fulfill responsibilities and obligations. Creativity was expressed through homemaking, hobbies and other activities. After mid-life we naturally start re-evaluating our choices, priorities and options. […]

Creating Your Ideal Retirement

We’re starting a series of Creativity Workshops for adults 55+ at Panache Gallery, 140  Fullarton Street, London Ontario on Saturdays from 2pm to 4pm.  Find out more on Saturday August 26th  2pm to 4pm. What steps can you take to change a lifestyle that was (perhaps) not feeding your soul or spirit? Retirement might provide […]

Instructors & Facilitators

(Shown above, Chris Baldwin our photography instructor and organizer of the London Photo Walks) The London Creative Age Network collaborates with a talented group of professional artist educators (BEd and MEd) from artistic disciplines, including theatre, writing, music, voice, painting, the rhythmic arts and more. In addition to bringing expertise in professional artistic performance, they […]

Vlog & livestream training continues July 24th

Our video blogging and live streaming training at Campus Creative for community volunteers started July 10th and registration is now closed. We’re full! Through the months of July and August, we’ll be working with designated trainers from Campus Creative (London Ontario) to learn advanced social media skills to record programs, activities and events and broadcast […]

How We Social-ize

We’re a network of volunteer community-builders who work together to research, plan and organize new programs and events targeted to adults 50+ in our communities.  Most of our volunteers are fully retired or they maintain some type of flexible paid employment. The average age is 68.  In addition to our meetings and social events, we […]

Creative Age Programs at London Public Library

Thanks to our sponsor, London Public Library, our Spring programs are free to London residents.  Our volunteers work with library staff to determine programs and identify instructors based on the interests of the residents of each neighbourhood. After each program offering, we gather feedback and recommendations for future programs. Our programs are also designed to […]

Social Media Training for Adults 55+

  Starting July 2017 Sponsored by Museum London – Campus Creative and the London Creative Age Network are offering new media training sessions for adults 55+ Location: Campus Creative, 533 Clarence Street, London Ontario We’ll take lots of time to learn Live Streaming Video to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter –  using your smartphone, tablet […]