Art in the Park

It’s another long weekend and time to go for a drive in the Creative Age Mobile Art Studio – just to get inspired.

Every once in awhile, my little car gets transformed to an art studio on wheels, known as the Creative Age Mobile Art Studio. Cases are packed with art supplies, laptop, notebooks, easels, projector, name tags and flip chart. It feels good to get out of the office and into the countryside to make presentations and share my own creativity wares.

Art supplies

I can travel to art shows and festivals in small towns and villages just to meet new folks. I get a chance to see what people are creating. It never ceases to amaze – quilts, metal craft, paintings, collage, paper mâché, embroidery, beading and the list goes on and on. The creativity in small rural towns is mind-blowing. People value creative work and they are proud to show off their unique offerings to the world.

And people don’t stop creating when they age. How I wish we could learn some of the old skool creative culture and appreciate all this handmade inspiration from rural folk all around us.