Another Local Memory Box Project

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Summer Picnic Memory Box

Before we launch into new 2020 programs, we’re just finishing up the final Memory Boxes for the Creative Age Art Studio in Thames Centre.

What are Memory Boxes and why start a program in your community?

We engage, support and share memories with older adults in social gatherings in the community/neighbourhood. Trained facilitators use memory boxes for inspiration and memory prompts – social discussions, inspiration for art and creative writing workshops, evoking pleasant and shared memories along the way. Memory Boxes provide ideas for all types of activities including music, singing, dance, art, cuisine, poetry and storytelling.

We’re involving the community at large and seniors centre members to donate items and share the stories of each item. Each item was documented for the project. Vintage items and memorabilia can also be purchased at local antique markets or shops.

Training – facilitators can watch a video and follow a guide book to learn how to organize and conduct a Memory Box Session….do you remember when…..?

Themes include:

Home and gardens




Summer Holidays

Shops and Shopping

Food and Cooking

Each box contains 15 to 20 multi-sensory items and the project is most successful with no more than 12 participants.

Funding for this and other arts/health programs is provided by New Horizons for Seniors Canada with generous support from the Municipality of Thames Centre.