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Through 2018 I was pleased to Co Chair the Age Friendly London Housing Working Group and I’m pleased to sign on for another year. This is an important year to assist area service providers to prepare for the far reaching impacts of a rapidly aging population.  I think it’s important for people in my community to understand the work of the Age Friendly London Network (AFLN) and the dedicated volunteers/network members.

My personal goal in 2019 is to focus on communications and advocacy.  I am very pleased to work with other volunteers and the City of London Staff to implement the AFLN Housing Action Plan.

AFLN Housing Working Group Action Plan

1. Raise awareness of housing options available for older adults.


A)  Promote the Seniors Housing Directory and Housing Options Guide to the broader community.

B)  Provide information to community groups about available housing options so they can support older adults.

C)  Identify and share updated information on housing services, specialized housing, home modification, social housing, and economic supports.

2. Support and empower older adults to age in place with dignity.


A) Advocate for affordable and accessible housing options to allow individuals to stay in their neighbourhoods as they age.

B) Research innovative home sharing initiatives such as intergenerational housing, ex housing, and co- housing to advocate for increased options for the community.

C) Provide information on home adaptation and modification resources, including funding, how to choose a contractor, and Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation resources.

3. Educate housing providers about the need for increased appropriate housing stock for older adults.


A) Research and identify the gaps between appropriate housing stock and the demand. Map the areas of highest demand.

B)  Develop a communication plan targeting housing providers to bring a greater awareness to the need for increased levels and types of housing stock for older adults.

C)  Advocate to all levels of government for increased and greater variety of housing stock for older adults.

D)  Collaborate with local developers to educate and explore options to meet the housing needs of the aging population.

AFLN Action Plans 2017 to 2020

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