Seniors Outreach Using Technology

While 15 to 20 seniors gather to start dance class in rural Ennismore Ontario, the National Ballet School instructors in downtown Toronto are getting ready to go live – livestream that is.  Currently in pilot phase, this outreach project is accessible for seniors far from dance studios and quality dance programs. The project is testing alternative delivery program models. 

A different pilot project called Building Arts-Tech Bridges with Seniors is underway in London Ontario. It is co-sponsored by Museum London and the London Creative Age Network.

Senior volunteers have received training to use smartphones and tablets to videotape programs and events at Museum London.  For feedback about the technical production and content, the programs will be evaluated by staff at retirement homes and seniors’ centres in the community.

Museum London staff and administrators are enthusiastic about the health and social benefits London Ontario seniors will experience through participation in these programs over the coming years.

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