Making the Most of Your Retirement Rogers tv London

Retirement is unique to each person and the traditional ideas of retirement don’t seem to apply any longer.  Our elders tell us we’ll go through many different stages after mid-life. Our interests and needs will change frequently and we’ll be required to change with them. We can assume we will be required to be resourceful and resilient.

You might want to put your feet up, read books and tend to the garden. Others might prefer to volunteer in South Africa or other third world country. Some change careers and start a new business.   Whatever you choose and whatever I choose, we will want to make the most of these years.

In 2016, Rogers tv London started a new show called Making the Most of Your Retirement with hosts retired police chief Murray Faulkner and broadcaster Kelley Simons. During 2016, the TV show ran several times each week in different time slots.  This year, Rogers tv London is happy to produce new segments for a new series of shows. You can find the show schedule on the Rogers tv London website here

What’s new in 2017? Making the Most of Your Retirement will feature different guests who provide services to seniors. You might spot some well-known retirees who share their stories. The show hopes to bring current and helpful information to older adults – those who are planning to retire and those who are already retired.  For example, guests will talk about tips for being happy and healthy after 60.  Here are my top 3 tips to bring more joy into your retirement:

  1. Keep moving! Everyone says it because it’s true. Exercise will help you feel better. You don’t have to be a competitive body builder.  Walking, hiking, strength training and interval training will result in awesome benefits. Your best retirement investment is a membership at your local health club.
  2. Keep learning. Keep trying new things and learning new skills. Boredom can lead to depression and poor health.  You might not stick with everything you try and it doesn’t matter. The important thing is to challenge your brain to and body to to stay engaged and alert. When I took on the task to co-produce the Making the Most of Retirement tv show. It was like going back to school with a steeper learning curve but more laughs.
  3. Keep making new friends. It’s important to find new friends and not just other seniors. When you leave your job, you might lose touch with colleagues and work friends. Take courses, join clubs, attend Meet Ups. Be open, friendly and sociable. The new friends you make often end up being your best friends and surrogate family. Younger people might become your favourite buddies.

There’s a lot to think about and there’s a lot to do as you move through the different stages of retirement and you can find out more by watching Making the Most of Your Retirement on Rogers tv London. Marilyn Buggy is the show executive producer and you can contact her at (519) 660-7507 with your suggestions for new segments for future shows. Kathleen Keating and Kathy Smith are the Community Producers.

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